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7 Reasons why you should watch Black Spot

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I am not used to write in English but sometimes, it’s good to change some old habits even more when I want to talk to you about a French TV series that you should watch. When it’s a good TV series, it’s my job as TV series blogger to spread the world even more when it’s a jewellery that comes from my own country.

You might know some excellent French TV series like Spiral, Call My Agent or The Bureau and I got another French TV series for you to watch and it’s as good as the others quoted. The show is called Black Spot and it’s a journey in wild and dark forest in France…

What’s about ? The pitch :

Villefranche is a small isolated town in the middle of a gigantic forest, a green labyrinth of thousands of square meters, that makes any phone call impossible. In this peculiar and unique place, there are unmapped areas, crimes, disappearances and other mysteries, and a homicide rate six times higher than the national average … Besides that, everything is fine.

The city can count on its « sheriff », Major Laurène Weiss, a strong local woman who always speaks her mind and who is strangely connected to nature. As she investigates a crime, she forays further and further into the forest to discover its secrets, and finds out more about her own abduction twenty years earlier.

Length of the show : 8 x 52 minutes

where you can watch : Netflix in more than 200 countries like USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and even in Brazil !


Why you should watch Black Spot ?

  1.  you are curious and you want to discover new TV series from around the world
  2. you want to practice or learn French : Black Spot is available in French subtitles english or dubbed in german, spanish, italian and brazilian portugese.
  3. It’s a dark thriller that bring you into the forest
  4. the quality of the images are wonderful.
  5. There is the story or main characters and also strange cases to deal with
  6. there is some fantastic not too much but sufficient to intrigue you.
  7. First French TV nominated series at the Berlinale and multiple prices for the actors and the music in French TV series Festivals.

Are you convince ? I hope so because it’s a really good show you must see on Netflix !


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