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Exclusive interview with Robbie Kay – Once Upon A Time

During a French convention called Fairy Tales II organized by Xivents, I met Robbie Kay, the actor who played Peter Pan in Once Upon A Time season 3 for an exclusive interview. Here is the English version of the interview, also translated in French here.
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You played Peter Pan, a strong character and during the whole first part of season 3 : did you feel any pressure to play it ?

Robbie Kay : « It was a little bit pressure going into it. Obviously, it was such a huge role and I knew before go into it, the show was so big as well. It had a huge following and the viewing figures were great. There are also big characters on the show in the first place. It was not necessary difficult. The first few days started very smoothly and of course, I knew jared quite well and I met the majority of the cast and they are all lovely people. I’ve been doing this for almost ten years now, so, I get confortable with situations quite quickly. I just nice to be in my confort zone, after that was over, the pressure went a little bit. It turned out I was enjoying the role very much. The final scene at the end (of the first episode) was a long spill and that helps to gain confidence ».

Peter Pan is potrayed as a nice character in the Disney movie but in Once Upon Upon A Time, it’s a mean Peter Pan : could you tell us how prepare yourself for playing a mean character ?

Robbie Kay : « It was kind of difficult because everyone has that picture is their heads of Peter Pan playing. But, this one is entierely different and something it was difficult to prepare for. I decided to put my own take on it entirely and so, have a blank page, blank canvas and go for there. That way is wasn’t based on anything and became authentic with a new direction. And the reactions too was brillant because I don’t know how the fans gonna to react because it was such an explosive first episode. But, people responded it very well, it seems to like it and I was very happy with the responses ».

How do you discover your true identity : you are Rumpelstiltskin’s father !

Robbie Kay : « I didn’t know from the beginning. I found out a few weeks afer I started. They (Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz) want to be a surprise so very few people knew about it. It was cool to have a secreative plot ».

After the big revelation, your character took the identity of Henry : did you work a lot with Jared S.Gilmore ?

Robbie Kay : « There is not much work to do because we’ve being around each other for a long time like two or three months by that point. We knew each other and understood each other mannerism. When we read the script and learn we gonna switch, it was pretty fun. We talked about it and make sure we understood where each character was coming from and where they were at that point in time ».

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Peter Pan is flying ! Can you explain the flying technic and how it affects your acting ?

Robbie Kay : « The flying scene was behind the green screen in the studio. Basically, what we did we have stunt guy and I have harness one on my back and one my legs to top waist me up. And then, they used fans to create the idea I was flying. It did affect the acting because an extra thing to think about. You are thinking about what the character is thinking about and you are also thinking I am 20 feets in the air. It was hard but fun at the same time ».

You played Pinocchio before Peter Pan ?

Robbie Kay : « It’s funny I did manage to have both role : Pinocchio and Peter Pan. I was twelve when I played the role. I enjoy fantasy but at the samed time, I like serious acting ».

There is any chance that Peter Pan will come back ?

Robbie Kay : « That’s the big question, isn’t it ? You have to wait and find out. I don’t know ».


It was easy to be confortable with the cast ?

Robbie Kay : « They are all great people and very welcoming. They know what’s like when you join a new show. It’s like changing school, everybody know each other and you are the new person. But, they were very welcoming and by the end of the first episode, I was close to a lot of people ».

Did you know that Once Upon A Time has a strong fanbase ?

Robbie Kay : « I didn’t know until I auditionned. I was pleasantly suprise when I found that Once Upon A Time as such huge following ».

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