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How I Met Your Mother – S09E04

Lily : Like, what do you say to other women at the gym?Par exemple, que dis-tu aux autre femmes à la gym ?Robin : Oh, well, I haven’t been to the gym in forever. My metabolism is all messed up. See, I can moose down a pint of fudge ripple for a midnight snack and

How I Met Your Mother – S09E01

Robin :Okay, look, if it’s true, if we are…You know. It’s really not that big a deal. Okay, we know we won’t have kids.Ok, voyons, si c’est vrai, si nous sommes… tu sais. Ce n’est vraiment pas très grave. Ok, nous savons que nous n’aurons pas d’enfants.Barney

Grey’s Anatomy S09E23

Meredith : People change, but they don’t change.Les gens changent, mais ils ne changent pas.   9.23 « Readiness Is All »

How I Met Your Mother S08E13

  Mr. Scherbatsky: This is Barney? This man is blonde. Grown men are not blonde.C’est Barney ? Ce type est blond. Les hommes adultes ne sont pas blonds. 8.13 « Band or DJ »

Grey’s Anatomy S09E10

Owen : We should never have gotten married in the first place. When we did, we took something beautiful and we put it in this box. And for the last two years, all we have done is beat against those walls and tear each other apart. Now we sign these papers. That ends. We get

Grey’s Anatomy S09E06

Dr.Ross: I’m Dr. Ross.Je suis le Dr Ross.Cristina:  Since many of you will wash out or be fired, I won’t waste time learning your names for at least a year. I will call you by your dwarf names. You, Happy. You… Mousey. Dans la mesure où

Grey’s Anatomy S09E05

Dr. Thomas: This is the biggest aneurysm I have ever seen.C’est le plus gros anévrisme que j’ai jamais vu.Cristina: Considering your age, that’s saying something.Compte tenu de votre âge, ce n’est pas peu dire. 9.05 « Beautiful Doom »

Grey’s Anatomy – 9.04

Jackson: You hurt my mom and I hurt you.Vous faites souffrir ma mère et je vous fais souffrir.Webber: I won’t hurt your mom, I like her.Je ne ferai pas souffrir ta mère, je l’apprécie.Jackson: I dont like that you like her.Je n’aime pas que vous l’appréciez.Webber:

Grey’s Anatomy – 9.03

  Cristina: Are you serious?Vous êtes sérieux ?Dr. Parker: As a heart attack.Autant qu’une crise cardiaque.   9.03 « Love The One You’re with »

Grey’s Anatomy – 9.02

Meredith : You were right, about all of it. You were right. This is a place where horrible things happen. You were right to go, you’re probably escaping disaster. Look at me, I practically grew up here. And you’re right, it’s hurt me in ways I’ll probably never get over. I have