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What’s going on with TV festivals in France ? A simple explanation !

I’d like to explain to my readers what is happening with the competing TV festivals in France. I’m writing this article in English because the question is most frequently asked to me by foreigners, though even the French don’t understand everything that going on! Mainly, PR, producers, distributors, journalists and many other players  in the TV industry both from France and abroad have asked me  : can you explain the differences between all these festivals ? How many are festivals there are ?

So, my article will be about the facts. I don’t vouch for any festivals more than another because I plan to attend all of them, I am going everywhere just drive by the desire to discouver more and more  series and interview more and more talents. Anyway, all of the teams who are behind make happen these TV  festivals are great and so nice. Of course, I will talk about Monaco which is not France but is very close to our heart.

If we are taking 2018, the calendar will look like this :

April May June July August September
Canneseries (4 to 11)   Monte-Carlo TV Festival (15 to 19)     La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival (12 to 19)
Series Mania (April 27th to May, 5th) Serie Series (27 to 29)      



After you have others French events like Luchon TV festivals (a very French festival), too professionals mostly for buyers like MIPTV and MIPCOM or more diverse which involves TV series among all others stuff like Comic Con Paris.



canneseries événements explication programmeDates : from April 4th to 11th

Where : Cannes – France

For whom : public, press & professionals

How is it organised ?

First it’s essential to understand that MIPTV will take place during CANNESERIES from April 9th to 12th. All professionnals from the MIPTV can attend to all the screenings of the official competition and premieres out-of-competition shows. This is the first CANNESERIES EDITION

  • Canneseries official competition : The competition consists of 10 series which will all have their world premieres at the festival.
  • Canneseries addict : This section is for TV series addicts and it includes free screenings open to everyone, evening events around recent popular and cultural series and encounters with talents.
  • Canneseries digital : a one day a competition of digital series (10 minutes) with a prize at the end of the day.
  • In Development : the Cannes Drama Creative Forum co-produced by MIPTV, it’s an event for professionals who will pitch their project to a professional audience. Professionals only.

The award ceremony for the official competition will be live on Canal +.


SERIES MANIA – season 9

series mania lille programDates : from April 27th to May 5th

Where : Lille- France

For whom : public, press & professionals

How is it organised ?

Mostly the same organisation as previous years, except the location has changed from Paris to Lille, a smaller city one hour from Paris.

  • Official Competition : 10 international series also making their world premieres, meaning they haven’t even aired in their country of origin.
  • International panorama :  20 other series from around the world, that may have already been shown in their home territory, making their French or European premiere.
  • New seasons : Exclusive preview of successful series: good news for the most unconditional fans!
  • New seasons : Exclusive preview of successful series: good news for the most unconditional fans!
  • French competitions : 6 premieres of French TV series in one category and first released with the participation of the crew.
  • Best of USA : 10 best tv series from the USA presented and analysed by French critics
  • Digital series : 8 digital series  making their international premieres
  • Fan Zone : exceptionnal encounters with talents from famous TV series
  • Series Mania cult : classic or rares TV series, tributes to special guests and focus on countries or studios.
  • Public conferences : analysis from specialists or journalists about the world of TV series
  • Co-Production Forum : only for professionals. The festival organizes conferences, a pitch session for both projects in development and completed ones, preview new European TV series and a week-long writing session.



Monte-carlo tv festival programDates : from June 15th to 19th

Where : Monte-Carlo – Monaco

For whom : public & press

How is it organised ?

  • Golden Nymph awards : 4 categories
    • Fictions with 9 prizes = 3 for comedies, 3 for dramas and 3 for long-fictions
    • International TV audience awards with 3 prizes dramas, comedies and Telenovelas / Soap Operas
    • News
    • Other Prizes
  • Public events :
    • Signing sessions
    • Private meetings
    • “Behind the scenes” panel discussions with the celebrities from your favourite TV series EXCLUSIVE
    • Public projections
  • Press events : round tables, press conferences, on camera interview.

SERIE SERIES – season 7

serie series programDates : from June 27th to 29th

Where : Fontainebleau – France

For whom : professionals, press & public

How is it organised ?

There is no competition, it’s mostly a TV series festival for professionals to meet.

  • Case studies about TV series
  • Screenings with the crew, so you can ask questions and understand the project
  • Work in progress : a glimpse of a new TV series and a discussion about it.
  • Evening screenings for professionals and general public
  • TV series music : this festival always concludes a concert with music from TV series



festival fiction de la rochelleDates : from September 12th to 19th

Where : La Rochelle – France

For whom : professionals, press & public

How is it organised ?

 The professional and public events held at the same time.

  • Official competion with multiple prizes including a best european TV series and a special jury prize for an european TV series like a « coup de coeur ».
  • Screenings all day long with a talent Q&A.
  • Masterclass with a talent
  • Public evening screenings
  • Professional events with a theme around TV series

So, now you know everything ! I go to each of these festivals every year as a member of the press and always attend both professional and public events during the festivals.



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